Smarter Coffee | The Fat Mocha


Why is our coffee so much smarter than regular coffee? Well, we combine a new generation of instant coffee with a boost from nature. See for yourself...

100% Arabica Soluble Coffee that uses single-origin beans from one of the world's richest coffee regions, Colombia. Our advanced extraction method preserves the aroma and smooth-bodied, balanced flavor profile with notes of citrus. It's instant coffee re-imagined.

Chocamine® (1g) offers a highly concentrated dose of cacao's natural energy and mood-boosting properties. This extract enriches the coffee's flavor with an earthy-chocolate taste (but remember, this is a health drink, not a sugar-filled hot chocolate).

L-Theanine (200mg) is responsible for the calming effect in green tea and when combined with caffeine in a 2:1 ratio it reduces overstimulation – the jitters – to enhance your mental clarity.

MCTs (8g) are healthy fats that our body converts into molecules called ketones that help burn fat, curb cravings and fuel many functions in the brain. The texture of MCTs also act as the perfect creamer, so there's no need to add milk or cream.

5 packets in each box. Simply add water for a deliciously creamy coffee! 

Plant-based | Keto-friendly | Gluten-free | non-GMO | USA Made | 100% Sustainable Cardboard

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*1% of all revenue will help fund research in the fight against mental degeneration.

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