Shannon O'Brien (Co-Founder & CEO)

    Shannon has an innovation consulting and creative strategy background. He leads the business strategy, operations, and marketing for THINKNOO, continually pushing the business to make a positive social impact on the world.

    Steven Austin (Co-Founder & Science Officer)

    Steven has a background in neuropsychology, having studied psychology and economics over the course of 8 years at one of Australia's leading university's. While studying, Steven working at the university cafe and questioned if there was a way to make coffee healthier. After years of research and testing he developed a natural formula that leverages the nutritional field of nootropics to help the brain and body counteract the many common side-effects of coffee.   

    Kieran O'Brien (Head of Content)

    Kieran has a background as an exercise and movement scientist. He has a strong passion for writing and is involved in the Australian poetry community. Having worked extensively with underprivileged communities, he continually amplifies people's awareness of mental health issues. Kieran contributes to the direction of the business and leads content creation.

    THINKNOO has recruited a world-class advisory board to accelerate it toward success:

    Professor Neil King: Neil is a professor at Queensland University of Technology, one of Australia's fastest-growing research universities. He is a world-leading expert in the fields of health innovation and nutritional sciences, and has extensive experience developing product innovation for multinational organizations. As a member of the scientific advisory board, Professor King provides scientific guidance, reviews and feedback to THINKNOO.

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    Grace Francis: Grace is the Chief Experience Officer at Droga5 in the U.K., a leading global advertising agency owned by the consulting group Accenture. She brings a wealth of branding and communications experience and instills an agile product development methodology.

    Grace Francis THINKNOO advisory board


    John O'Brien: John is the founder and Global CEO of the franchise group PoolWerx. He brings a vast business network as well as consults on business strategy, having also been the President of the World Franchise Council. 

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