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As many of you already know, coffee is a powerful brain booster. So much so, the average coffee consumer in the U.S. drinks 115 liters/year. But, how many of us understand how our body interacts with coffee?

Before diving into our powerful coffee-enhancing formula, let’s take a quick look at how our body reacts to coffee.

Keeping you awake

Throughout the day your brain produces a chemical called Adenosine. As it builds up it latches onto receptors to slow the brain down, eventually making you ready for bed. Caffeine acts to inhibit this process by stopping the sleep-inducing Adenosine from latching to those receptors. This process keeps you mentally alert for longer.


As your brain speeds up your body begins to release adrenaline, the energy system in the body, giving rise to the desired rush we’re all too familiar with. Your heart rate increases, your blood pumps faster and your airways open up.

The afternoon crash

Your body breaks down caffeine at a rate of half the milligram dosage every four to six hours. For example, if you have a 100mg of caffeine at 8AM then you will have 50mg in your system at 2PM. As the level of caffeine in your brain reduces, the sleep-inducing Adenosine floods the brain giving you the dreaded afternoon crash.

 Feeling good

Caffeine acts to increase the brains levels of the neurotransmitter, Dopamine, by slowing the reabsorption rate. This process leaves the brain with higher levels of dopamine that act to enhance your mood.