NOOstart’s nutrient-packed blend of plant extracts and natural compounds have been designed to offer the perfect coffee experience. Our blend works synergistically with your morning coffee to give you lasting mental energy and focus throughout the day. Learn how our formula works on the many systems in the body.


The Benefit  Reduces overstimulation – the jitters – to enhance your mental clarity.

The Science  L-Theanine induces alpha waves in the brain that allow you to remain calm and alert. We offer the perfect 2:1 ratio with caffeine to get you into an optimal state of flow. 

Further research can be found here and here.


The Benefit  Enhances and extends the stimulating properties of coffee to fight off the afternoon crash.

The Science  Theacrine shares similarities with caffeine and is thought to be synthesized in plants from caffeine itself. The difference in structure means that it is dealt with differently by the body, resulting in stimulation that lasts longer. 

Further research can be found here and here.


The Benefits  Slows the breakdown of caffeine’s stimulant release to give you sustained mental energy throughout the day.

The Science  Hordenine interacts with Monoamine Oxidase, one of the mechanisms the body uses to break down neurotransmitters. While it is busy dealing with Hordenine these chemicals can stay active for longer.

Further research can be found here.


The Benefit  Increases the feel-good chemicals in the brain to boost your mood.

The Science – Curcumin raises levels of dopamine and serotonin, key neurotransmitters that control mood and motivation. An additional increase in brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) boosts neurogenesis driving the formation of new pathways in the brain. 

Further research can be found here and here.


The Benefit  Provides necessary brain fuel to support the brains memory and recall systems.

The Science  CDP-Choline occurs naturally in the body and breaks down into Uridine and Choline. The process supplies the brain with much-needed acetylcholine, traditionally considered to underpin our complex intelligent thought processes. 

Further research can be found here and here.

Vitamin B6

The Benefit  A critical vitamin for many aspects of healthy brain function.

The Science  Vitamin B6 is an important cofactor, this means that many processes in the body are dependent on it to function properly. This includes five important neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine. 

Further research can be found here and here.