Today, we all have notifications popping up on our phones and in our heads all day, everyday, telling us to do more – send that email, listen to that podcast, go to that class.

We found ourselves getting caught up in this drive to do more. And, to be honest, it was working. We were succeeding in our careers, but at a cost. It was leaving us stressed-out and exhausted, until one day we had to stop – we call this burnout.

What shocked us the most, we were not alone – 67% of people say they feel burnout too.

We created THINKNOO to help people take back control of their energy, allowing you to do more in a healthy, sustainable way. After all, life's a marathon, not a sprint.

As humans, we can control our energy in 5-ways:

1. Nutrition – it's tempting to eat what we want, whenever we want, and in any quantity. By doing this, we only slow ourselves down. Luckily, nature has packed many foods with brain-boosters to help remove the fog. (learn more) 

2. Sleep – if you've ever tried to control your sleep by going to bed early, you'll know it's impossible. You probably stared at the ceiling for hours getting caught up in your head. Luckily, there are routines we can implement while we are awake that help us achieve restorative sleep. (learn more)

3. Exercise – the good news, all exercise is good exercise. Our brains love the rush of endorphins and it has a wonderful way of reducing stress. That said, not all exercise is created equal. (learn more)

4. Mindfulness – distraction is everywhere. You've probably found yourself unlocking your phone to a long mental pause trying to figure out what you were planning to do. At times, we need to quiet the monkey-mind and focus our efforts. (learn more)

5. Relationships – the people in our lives are more important than we sometimes think. Many of us get busy and the first thing to go is the  time with friends and family. But, think twice, this precious time is an important factor in managing our energy. (learn more)