THINKNOO is a community of socially-minded coffee fanatics, entrepreneurs, and well-being realists that are reimagining a healthier way to enjoy coffee and get more out of life. 

After years working in high-pressure jobs, co-founders Shannon and Steve were over-caffeinated and exhausted from long hours and accumulated stress. When they dug deeper, they found they were not alone...67% of people are feeling burnt out at work – that's almost two thirds of us! 

The duo were both at a decision point, take an easier job or find a way to work smarter. Ambitious by nature, they started exploring the many ways to optimize sleep, exercise, and nutrition with the aim to end burnout for good.

After years of research and a working relationship with a leading Australian university, the pair landed on a field of nutrients that works synergistically with the world’s most consumed energy-booster, coffee, to offer a healthier, more sustainable energy.

Today, the superfoods used in THINKNOO’s products are commonly referred to as nootropics, a field of nutrients that fuel the brain to improve functions, like memory, critical thinking, and much more.

The brand, THINKNOO, was born out of a mission to encourage people to THINK about how NOOtropics can help them get the most out of every day, as we want to empower you to be more creative, be more present, and become a NOOyou.

In an effort to create a positive future for all, we have two social impact initiative:

  1. We offer a free sustainable coffee cup with the subscription of NOOstack to reduce the thousands of coffee cups thrown away every minute
  2. We donate 1% of all profit to help fund research in the fight against mental degeneration

To date, the business has seen a lot of success:

  • Raised $6.5k USD in less than 4 weeks on crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.
  • Queensland University of Technology’s Bluebox awarded THINKNOO an innovation excellence award with $10,000 in prize money.
  • Shortlisted in BevIndustry's New Product of The Month
  • Featured in Women’s Health Magazine as a science-backed, healthy alternative to energy drinks. 
  • Feature in Yahoo Finance as a new CBD product to watch